When I was a little girl, I carried the world on my shoulders. I wanted it to be the bright and sunny place I drew in pictures. It broke my heart a little more each time I recognized the ugliness.. I watched my mother heal and help people recover from physical injury and pain through physical therapy and Rosen Method, and I grew up in a generation which our elders told us was helpless to their past mistakes, and therein, maybe, a seed was planted. I didn’t believe we were helpless, but that a great society is on the horizon. Call it naive, optimistic, etc.. And here I am, miles from the source in a pocket of a town unknown to many. But being the best you can be is universal, no matter where you are.

I see so many people posting about their anger, their sadness, and that our society is doomed to misguided leaders, violence, and prejudice.. I am disappointed and sad, just as all my peers are.. I’m tired of seeing racism and violence deemed as issues that politicians can make a statement about, then move on to securing funding for their campaign. But this is our chance to speak up, and to create the society and existence we wish to see. Not just through social media. Thoughts and prayers are not change. We are not helpless. I hope we can create more opportunities to make ourselves heard. With that, I encourage all my friends to be the change they wish to see. I am no expert on political matters, but I believe in the possibility of positive change.

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