I am privileged to be from such a liberally minded place, and have the option to wear what I want, have a decent amount of freedom in choice of jobs, and bare-minimum levels of respect from the opposite gender.

I never thought that these things were a privilege, but a right. A basic human right to live freely, being who I am without prejudice. I want to believe that all mankind can exist peacefully as humans rather than marginalized groups of people who are treated differently. I am not so naive, though. I mistakenly carried this thought in my heart for most of my life, believing that everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, will receive equal opportunities, because the universe is a happy, sunshine-y beautiful place and everything ultimately works itself out in the end if you just open your heart to possibility.

Ever heard of parents who “raise their daughters and love their sons”? I don’t have any proof that this is true with most families, but can only back this with my personal experience. I worked part-time jobs since I was fourteen and went to public school while my brother went to private school and wasn’t expected to work. I always felt like he was allowed to fly under the radar, and never got punished for anything he did. They were just.. harder on me.

“Sanne,” she would say, “You need to know how to take care of yourself. You can’t rely on anyone else. You’ll lose.”

Now, I don’t think parents do this purposefully. They do it to protect their girls. Because the world is ugly to girls. Especially to naive girls.

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