Tsaagan Sar

Saikain Whinlereii! Tsaagan Sar was a wonderful success. The translation for “Tsaagan Sar” is “white moon. It’s typically a week-long, or if you live in more rural parts of the country like me, two-week long, celebration of the lunar new year. Mongolians celebrate by visiting the homes of everyone they know and eating and drinking… Continue reading Tsaagan Sar


I woke up on new year’s day to a text from my neighbor asking me if I wanted to head out to the countryside with her and friends. As an annual tradition, they have a picnic out by the mountains, and I am still so humbled by her invitations to include me in her gatherings.… Continue reading Home

Successes and Failures

Work Life and My Sanity I finally scheduled a timeslot for a life skills course at my host country agency with one of my favorite teachers and counterparts. I couldn’t be more excited to actually do something at the school I’ve been spending so much time at. A few of my previous counterparts took a… Continue reading Successes and Failures

The Jijuur

Jijuur is Mongolian for “doorman,” but the job description holds a little more weight. They can also be security guards, builders, and handymen. My favorite jijuur, Od, greets me with the toothiest smile every time he sees me, but also bailed me out in a flash when I got locked out of my apartment. In… Continue reading The Jijuur