The Jijuur

Jijuur is Mongolian for “doorman,” but the job description holds a little more weight. They can also be security guards, builders, and handymen. My favorite jijuur, Od, greets me with the toothiest smile every time he sees me, but also bailed me out in a flash when I got locked out of my apartment. In… Continue reading The Jijuur

Finding Peace

The tiny frustrations have percolated into one big giant realization: It just never works out the way you want it to. That old, cliché saying— Expect the worse, hope for the best—its been ringing in my ears this past week. I am eerily American in the fact that I subconsciously acknowledge that productiveness is key… Continue reading Finding Peace


I was about ten or eleven years old when I first thought about working abroad. I pictured myself selfless and altruistic, throwing my aid at the feet of those who need it. I pictured myself in a third-world country feeding starving children or something completely cliché of that nature. My mom asked me what happened… Continue reading Puzzles